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Database of mastologic images

DMR - Database For Mastology Research is an online platform that stores and manages mastologic images for early detection of breast cancer. Here are made available thermal imaging, mammography, MRI and ultrasound images obtained by our research group.

Thermal imaging

Thermography is a non-invasive and without the use of ionizing radiation physiological examination. It enables the detection of breast tumors, long before any other method, while the cells are still producing substances responsible for the creation of neovascularization that will "feed" the future tumor.

Medical records

The medical record is a key element in the medical care and gathers information that summarize the medical history and ensure continuity of treatment. In our database a set of patients with the respective tests for analysis are presented anonymously.


Mammography is a test that allows you to view the internal structures of the breast, especially highlighting the microcalcifications. Currently mammography is the main way to diagnose breast disorders.