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Original Flir Images Binary Automatic-ROI Binary Ground Truths Breast Comparison results Matrix of temperatures Quantitative Results Dissertação
All the matrixes in a .txt files. All the results of each image and all the analysis made. Dissertação Rafael Marques - Segmentação Automática das Mamas em Imagens Térmicas

If you publish material based on databases obtained from this database, then, in your acknowledgements, please note the assistance you received by using this repository. This will help others to obtain the same data sets and replicate your experiments. We suggest the following references for referring to this repository:

Marques, R. S. Segmentação automática das mamas em imagens térmicas. Master Thesis, Instituto de Computação, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niterói, RJ, Brasil, 2012.


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